What Is Wheel Loader ? Function And Its Types

What exactly is a wheel loader? In the world of heavy equipment, wheel loaders are usually used as a tool to construct a building.

This heavy equipment has a special function in the form of loading materials from the used building materials. So what should you recognize in this wheel loader?

What follows is a discussion of wheel loaders, their functions, pros and cons, and other things you need to know.

As for some heavy equipment have their respective functions. However, this wheel loader is a tool that has quite a few functions.

Definition of Wheel Loader

wheel loader is heavy equipment whose main function is to transport construction materials such as stones, gravel, sand and others. This heavy equipment also has similarities to the Shovel Dozer.

The difference lies in the tires that the vehicle has. If the wheel loader uses rubber (tyres), if the backhoe loader uses a chain wheel as a propulsion device.

Wheel loaders are generally used on hard, flat and dry surfaces. In general, this tool cannot pick up material on its own and must be assisted by prior storage or drowsiness.

Do you already have an idea for this wheel loader vehicle?

Use of wheel loaders

If it was mentioned that the wheel loader drive tool is a tire, that is what distinguishes it from using a bulldozer.

There are several uses for this heavy equipment;

  1. Site cleaning. Using this tool will clean up the remnants of the used material faster
  2. Take short-range field surveys
  3. Closure of the excavation and leveling of the buried ground
  4. Prepare various types of materials from the pickup location
  5. Stripping for poor soil
  6. Carry out finishing in the form of an even distribution of the floor surface

These are some of the functions of wheel loaders. It looks very different, yes, its function with the shovel bulldozer.

Thus, when using this unique tool, it can speed up the closing of excavations and the preparation of material elements for use.

Main components of wheel loaders

The wheel loader as heavy equipment that assists in stripping and finishing has four major components that you should be aware of.

The four components are the most important components in their use, as below.


The cabin is a component in the form of the control center of the wheel loader. Make sure the cab has seats, doors, and equipment attached to the engine to drive the wheel loader.

The cabin is also protected by glass so that wheel loader users can comfortably operate this heavy equipment.

lifting arm

This component is located in front of the cabin. The purpose of this lift arm is to transport the bucket as a whole.

Of course, this lift arm uses a hydraulic system that can be used to lift skips that can later contain material goods.


As explained briefly, this bucket will later carry material goods and will be lifted using a lift arm. This bucket can be filled with a variety of materials.


It is a drive device that allows the wheel loader to move freely.

The use of this wheel is devoted to movement on dry ground and requires a fairly quick transfer. Therefore, the use of wheels is very important in wheel loaders.

These are some of the most important components of a wheel loader. Understanding these components will definitely make you understand wheel loaders.

How the Heavy Equipment Wheel Loader Works

The way wheel loaders generally work is by using the hydraulic system on the lift arm that belongs to the wheel loader.

This system allows the bucket to lift properly. Why use a hydraulic system?

Because this system is very strong to be used for lifting heavy objects with little force.

This hydraulic system will also be installed in the cab which will connect the hydraulic controls to the lift arm.

So the function of the wheel loader can work well if the engine in the cabin is also good. Good control is necessary so that the hydraulic system belonging to the wheel loader can be maximized.

Benefits of using a wheel loader

Wheel Loader

Several advantages possessed by this unique tool. One of the advantages is to have a very high mobility. Due to its easy movement using a drive in the form of a wheel.

In addition to a fairly high mobility, wheel loaders are among the heavy machines that have the advantage of good maneuverability when loading loading points compared to excavator bulldozers.

It is certain that the use of these wheels is excellent for heavy equipment vehicles as they are easy to move.

Other benefits such as minimizing damage from charging points. This is also always related to the rubber tires so as not to damage the loading point.

So those of you who want to get an edge like this, you can use a wheel loader.

Lack of wheel loader

The disadvantage of the wheel loader is the uneven placement of the load on the dump truck. This requires the people who use it to master the use of a wheel loader.

So to deal with this kind of thing, it has to come down to the skill of the operator, which has to be good so that the load can be distributed evenly.

However, apart from these disadvantages, wheel loaders have even more advantages, so people must be able to master the use of wheel loaders.


As for the conclusion ofKnow more concerning the wheel loader which is a very multifunctional heavy equipment.

Its main use is to be able to transport different types of materials and, thanks to the use of wheels, it makes the wheel loader quick to maneuver and facilitates the work of storing construction materials.

The level of difficulty in using this heavy equipment is also high, so it requires very good operator skills. This skill will later cover the shortcomings of the wheel loader.

So, a wheel loader is one of the recommended heavy equipment for those of you who need high performance when moving media such as stones, sand, gravel and others.

This will surely benefit those of you who really want to speed up the ongoing development process. That’s the whole discussion of what a wheel loader is, hope it’s helpful.

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