SUN ENERGY: How It Works, Benefits & Installation of Solar Panels

The solar panel system is capable of converting sunlight into electrical energy and can be used in various types of buildings, ranging from homes, commercial office buildings, shop houses, shopping centers, to industrial buildings such as factories and warehouses.

To be able to get the best solar panel system with various financing models according to the needs of customers, SUN Energy is a trusted partner who is able to install solar panels in your buildings. As the best solar panel system project development company in Indonesia, SUN Energy has advantages such as providing a 0% down payment financing model, a 24-hour monitoring system, and reliable technology in its class.

Since 2016, SUN Energy has been here to provide integrated solutions to customers starting from concept development, location permits, solar panel system purchases, installation, to maintenance.

Benefits of Using Solar Panels

Here are the 4 Main Benefits of Using Solar Panels

1. Savings on Electricity Costs Up to 30% Every Month

Electricity costs tend to be one of the operational costs that tend to increase according to the activities used and must be issued every month. However, the slogan of saving electricity does not reduce the cost of electricity too much.

By installing a solar panel system from SUN Energy, you will get electricity bill savings of up to 30% every month. These savings really help you so that you can allocate these funds for other needs.

2. Clean and Environmentally Friendly Energy Sources

Under the Paris Agreement United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, each country must contribute to reducing global warming and keeping the average temperature increase below 2° C.

The solar panel system is a clean and environmentally friendly energy source, in contrast to the conventional energy sources that we currently use tend to be dirty and polluted. By installing a solar panel system, you can contribute to keeping the earth clean and livable for generations to come.

Solar Panels

3. Easy Installation, Suitable in Various Locations and Low Cost

Indonesia, which has a tropical climate, allows us to get sunlight all day except at night. Even during the rainy season, the sun still shines and it doesn’t rain all day for months.

This condition is very suitable for the Indonesian people to apply solar panel systems that originate from solar power as an effort to reduce dependence on conventional electricity. Solar panel systems can be used in various types of buildings, buildings and locations, according to your needs.

If there is an area that has not been reached by the national electricity grid, then the use of solar panels is the right solution to electrify that area, especially the 3T (underdeveloped, frontier and outermost) areas in Indonesia.

Solar electric energy can be used for everyday life. It can even be used to maximize plantation and mining results by combining conventional energy and alternative energy from sunlight. What’s more, now the installation of a solar panel system with sophisticated technology does not require high costs.

4. Green and Sustainable Value

All parties in various countries are currently prioritizing sustainable business in 3 main aspects, namely ESG; environmental (environment), social (social), and governance (corporate governance). In the financial industry sector, investors are now not only considering financial performance to see prospects, they are adding the ESG factor to an issuer. By installing a solar panel system, Your Company has shown a commitment to sustainability that can increase the value of the Company.

By installing a solar panel system, Your Company has shown a commitment to sustainability that can increase the value of the Company.

Solar Panel Installation Tips

Solar Panels

There are several installation tips so that these solar panels can run optimally. Without good and correct installation, solar panels will not function as you expect. Here are the tips

Pay attention to the condition of the roof and the location of your building

The main thing to pay attention to in installing a solar panel system is the condition of the roof of your building. One panel is approximately 1×2 meters in size with a weight of 25 kg. For this reason, it is very important to pay attention to the condition of the roof so that it can support the solar panel system on the roof of the building. In addition, the location of your building is also worth considering, is there a building on the side that is high enough to cover your building to get sunlight during the day. The more the condition of your building is not obstructed by other buildings on the sides, front or back, it will be easier for your building to get sunlight so that the solar panel system will produce more energy.

Consider a Building Renovation Plan

If you have plans to renovate a building, it’s a good idea to hold off on installing a solar panel system until the renovation is complete. Or if the renovation plan will be carried out in about 2-5 years, you can still install the solar panel system, because the solar panel system is easy to install and remove. However, it’s a good idea to convey this renovation plan to the solar panel system developer.

Use Quality Products

The solar panel system is capable of producing solar energy into electrical energy for more than 25 years. After 25 years, performance will decrease by 20% even if the system is still usable. This long-term use must of course be supported by quality and reliable products and the best partners who have been proven in their fields. SUN Energy provides a guarantee of up to 25 years to maintain the performance of your solar panel system and provide maintenance services so that you can still get savings from environmentally friendly energy sources.

How Solar Panels Work

This solar panel has a simple way of working. The panels will absorb sunlight. Once absorbed, the light will be accommodated and converted into energy. This energy will be stored in the battery. As long as the energy is still there, you can use this solar energy even in the afternoon, at night or in rainy conditions.

There will be a cable connected to the electrical installation in the house. When this electricity consumption takes place, for example when turning on the television, the electricity will automatically be taken from the battery. As long as the solar energy is still there, the consumption will be taken from the battery, and then converted to conventional electricity.

Solar Panel Installation Products From SUN Energy

SUN Energy provides installation services for solar panel products for all your needs, we provide installations for industrial, commercial to residential needs. The following are details of solar panel products from SUN Energy:

1. Solar Panels for Industrial Needs

Solar panel systems are very suitable for industrial buildings such as factories and warehouses. Based on testimonials from our customers, they get a savings of 30% every month. As an illustration, if the electricity bill at your factory is IDR 750,000,000, then you have the opportunity to get savings of more than IDR 75,000,000 every month.

Especially if you choose a 0% DP system from SUN Energy, you don’t need to pay anything to get a solar panel system and immediately save almost 30%. SUN Energy has experience installing solar panel systems ranging from 100 kWp to 2.5 MWp in a factory building.

2. Solar Panels For Commercial Needs

Commercial buildings such as office buildings, shopping centers, apartments and shophouses have an operational burden in the form of high electricity costs. By installing a solar panel system, you can increase the profit from the savings you get every month. This clean and environmentally friendly energy is very easy to apply and affordable. SUN Energy’s experience in installing a solar panel system in a shopping center only takes about 1.5 months for a solar panel system capacity of 1 MWp.

3. Solar Panels For Housing Needs

One of SUN Energy’s business lines that provides services for retail or residential customers is SUNterra. You can download the SUNterra app to get smart homes that use clean energy. By using our product, you can monitor energy consumption at home from any location as easy as a touch of a finger.

Access to this device is very flexible, it can be anywhere and anytime. By producing electrical energy from sunlight you as a consumer can benefit. You can use PLTS during the day so that you can cover the electricity costs that are usually incurred from morning to evening.

For residential scale, we have 2kWp solar panel products with Small size. Its effectiveness is 3.8 hours, you can turn on 2 AC units, 1 refrigerator unit and 10 LEDs with a power of 10 Watts. We also have a medium size 3 kWp solar panel with the same effectiveness of 3.8 hours.

The most efficient solar panel product is a 4 kWp large size solar panel. With this Large size solar panel product you can turn on 4 units of AC, 2 units of refrigerator, and 20 LEDs.

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