Largest Heavy Equipment Manufacturers in the World

The following is a discussion of the world’s largest heavy equipment company. Currently, the economic development in the business world is growing rapidly and progressing more and more.

Why can it be said that it is growing rapidly, this starts with rapid changes in the fields of communication, information and technology that bring about changes in the competition.

These changes are making entrepreneurs increasingly concerned about their business. So, with the current changes, companies need to prepare to enter the global environment in both manufacturing and service sectors.

Heavy Equipment Rental

In the age of globalization, information technology has found its way into almost all areas of life. Currently, one of the businesses that can become a potential is the rental business.

The rental business can result in advantages for the company. This includes heavy equipment rental companies. And one of the reasons is that the company doesn’t have to spend a lot of capital in the first year.

Apart from the rental sector, the government is currently building up infrastructure on a massive scale. This became a development project for several heavy equipment rental companies.

With the rental of construction equipment, both the leasing company and the contractor are helped. Construction companies that want to erect buildings quickly and efficiently need tools to help them complete construction projects.

The use of heavy equipment required by contractors is generally an integral part of development activities, particularly stripping.

The task of moving land here is the movement of land using heavy equipment and is called mechanical land transfer (P.T.M.).

Examples of works such as roads, bridges, irrigation as well as buildings and factories, earthmoving works are very important and sometimes even become the major part of the overall project work.

Anyone who wants to carry out earthworks must first familiarize themselves with the heavy equipment.

Definition of Heavy Equipment

largest heavy equipment

The definition of heavy equipment is a machine that is large and designed to perform construction tasks such as performing earthworks and moving building materials.

There are several components on heavy equipment, namely implements, structures, traction devices, power sources and transmissions (powertrain), and control systems. Since Roman times, people have started using heavy equipment.

The definition of heavy equipment itself exists not only in construction but also in agriculture like tractors, vans etc. which can also be called heavy equipment.

In the civil engineering field, heavy equipment is also used to assist workers in carrying out construction work for a construction project or in site preparation. According to (Wilopo, 2009) the use of heavy equipment offers benefits including:

  1. The turnaround time and process are faster, so the tracked works can be completed immediately.
  2. Great power that does work that even humans cannot do.
  3. Economical, making it safer, more economical and limited manpower.
  4. The quality of the work is better because heavy equipment is used.

Heavy Equipment Group

There are different types of heavy equipment and their functions. The following are heavy equipment according to their respective groups:

  1. Grouping based on prime mover.
  2. Grouping by function.

Grouping based on Prime Mover

  • Traktor
    • centipede wheel tractor
    • Tractor with rubber wheels
  • Planierraupe (Eractor)
    • Differentiated by blade
      • Straight bulldozer(withbladestraight)
      • Abgling Buldozer(withbladecrooked)
      • Universal-Buldozer(withbladeUniversal)
      • Pillow Buldozer(withblade pillow)
  • According to the track
    • Bulldozercentipede wheel
    • Rad-BulldozerRubber tire wheels
  • playeras a plowing tool
    • Hinge(single rigid plow)
    • Parallelogramm
    • Adjustable parallelogram
      • single stem(single plow)
      • multiple stem(a lot of ploughing)
  • scraper
    • Standard-Scrapper(scrapermotorized)
    • Towed Scrapper(scraperdrawn)
  • Motor-Grader(Tool forgrading)
  • Barns(Ladewerk sow)
    • wheel loader(Barnswith tires)
    • chain loader(Barnswith centipede wheel)

Grouping by function

  • Traktor
  • field cleaning tool
    • Bulldozer(garbage machines)
    • player(hijacking machines)
  • Hoists and loaders:
    • Backhoe loaders (backpack mixers)
    • Power Shovel (Frontbagger)
    • Dragline (Zugknetmaschinen)
    • Clamshell (snap scraper machines)
    • Barns(loaders)
  • Digging and towing equipment:
    • scraper(peeling and conveying machines)
    • TRUCK(Promotion)
  • Surface Shape Tool:
    • Motorsorter(sorting machines)
  • Fill tools:
    • role(Role)

Many types of heavy equipment are commonly used in mining. But besides mining, it can also be involved in the construction of high-rise buildings.

Currently, many companies are competing in marketing their business to consumers. Currently, there are many ways that heavy machinery companies have used to make it easier for their customers to acquire heavy machinery with the payment system, namely the cash or cash system and the credit system.

So that future consumers no longer have to worry. So you can find out which heavy machinery manufacturers/companies are operating in Indonesia and in the world.

Heavy Machinery Company in The World

largest heavy equipment


The company already known to the ear is Hitachi. Hitachi itself is a heavy machinery company in the world that still exists today.

Despite intense competition from many heavy equipment manufacturers, contractors often choose heavy equipment company Hitachi, a Japanese manufacturer.


The next company is Sany. The company based in China is still considered a supplier of large equipment.


Caterpillar is a heavy equipment manufacturer from the United States and is still the best, also by numbersnet sales their weight is very high today on a global scale.


Headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, this multinational company is a heavy equipment supplier focused on the manufacture of mining, construction, military and industrial equipment such as press machines, lasers and thermoelectric generators.

John Deere

John Deere is known as a heavy machinery manufacturer from USA. The company is popular as a heavy machinery company with superior and sophisticated technology, equipment and functionality.


Overall, Volvo is a well-known and largest automaker, but apart from cars, they also make heavy equipment manufacturers.

It can even be said that this Swedish manufacturer also has quite a large number of heavy machinery products and it could be said that almost all types of heavy machinery are owned by this one company.


Next comes Zoomlion. Zoomlion also has quite a few productstop brand which can be used/functions as required and comes from China.

Products marketed by Zoomlion include heavy equipment category mobile crane, concrete,Turmdrehkran, Earthmoving. Foundation, MEWP, dan Agriculture.


Terex Company can be a solution for contractors looking for heavy equipment for lifting construction material, industrial materials, quarrying, infrastructure or mining and recycling.


Liebherr company is a German origin company which is also the biggest and best and markets in several major European countries like Germany, France, Spain and Denmark.

Doosan Infracore

South Korea also does not want to be left behind by neighboring countries. Under the Doosan name, the company made a new breakthrough by launching the Concept-X model for heavy machinery, full of advanced technology and multifunctionality.


BOMAG is a manufacturer of construction machinery in the field of soil compaction technology,stabilizers orRecycler,tillers, asphalt and also garbageFinisher. BOMAG is currently the market leader for construction machinery.


Tadano, which was founded in Japan in 1948, can now be described as a heavy machinery company that manufactures hydraulic cranes. The function of the hydraulic crane itself is used in the mining, construction, gas and oil industries.


Scania is one of the largest manufacturers of equipment in the transport sector such as buses, trucks and trucks. Currently, the Scania company also produces industrial and marine engines called Scania Marine Engines.


UD Trucks is one of the official Nissan Diesel distributors in Indonesia. UD Trucks itself provides heavy equipment services in the form of trucks.

There are 3 types of trucks available, namely light trucks that can carry loads between 5,000 – 10,000 kg, medium trucks between 10,000 – 24,000 kg and heavy trucks > 24,000 kg.

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