Best Solar Power Company in the World

Tired of high electricity bills and looking for alternative energy sources?

The electricity supplier has become a money-making company. They are also usually monopolistic as one regulated provider serves a large area. This leads to these providers charging consumers insane amounts. Electricity is very important in our daily activities; Without electrical energy we could not perform most functions. However, this does not give providers any leeway to overcharge and break the bank for their consumers. The solar energy industry is slowly taking over the industry; it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. This article is a guide on how to do thatBest solar company in the world that produces reliably Solar PV system.



Company type:manufacturers, suppliers

Headquarters:Fremont, California

Founding year:2004

Certification:UL 61730, IEC 61215

Tesla is a well-known manufacturer and a leader in the world of manufacturing. It is a pioneer of the electric car, founded in 2003 with a vision to generate clean energy and minimize over-reliance on fossil fuels, which do more harm than good to the environment.

Founded in 2006, Solarpro joined the Tesla family in 2016 and became part of Tesla Energy. Tesla Energy is a world leader in solar energy generation, its roofs and solar panels are of the highest quality and designed by the best engineers and technicians. Tesla energy products have been tested and proven to be the best plants. The company retails at affordable prices and also offers panel and roofing installation services to its customers.

main product

  • Solar Tafel
  • car accessories
  • Solardach

Sun Power

sun power company

Company type:manufacturers, suppliers

Headquarters:Silicon Valley, USA

Years of experience:for 35 years

Certification:ISO certified

With more than 35 years of experience in the solar energy sector, Sunpro is an established solar company. Founded in 1985 in Silicon Valley, the company’s main goal is to make clean and sustainable energy available to everyone. After years of experience, they have partially achieved this goal and taken great strides to ensure it is fully achieved.

Sunpower has diversified its products for commercial and residential use. This gives customers the freedom to choose the product that suits them best. The company encourages its employees to be innovative and competitive and as a result they have over 1000 patents to prove it.

Sunpower is available in nearly all 50 states in the US and other parts of the world. In addition, they have partnerships with some of the leading brands such as: Ford, Toyota and Mercedes Benz for Charging electric vehicles. This led to the company holding the number 1 commercial solar supplier in the US for three consecutive years.

main product

  • Solar Tafel

Blue Raven Solar

blue raven solar company logo

Company type:manufacturers, suppliers


Years of experience:7 years

Certification:RoHS certification

This is the only company making this list with less than ten years of experience. The company has grown rapidly in the seven years of its existence. The company, a subsidiary of Sunpower, was founded with the goal of providing affordable and reliable clean and renewable energy to society.

Your installation process consists of an official from the company visiting your home to inspect and measure what is appropriate for the customer. The installation team can also design a custom solar panel system for your home.

This good relationship is the biggest contributor to their ever-increasing growth. Being a subsidiary of the well-known SunPower and partnering with a global company like Givepower also plays an important role in the growth of the company. Givepower is a non-profit organization that seeks to distribute solar energy where it is most needed so its goals align with Blue raven solar’s main goals. The company has a Go Green initiative that aims to protect the environment.

main product

  • Solar Tafel

Surya Sun Pro

Company type:manufacturers, suppliers

Headquarters:California, AS

Founding year: 2008


Sunpro is one of the leading suppliers of solar roofs in North America. The company has 13 years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of solar panels in residential and commercial properties in the United States. The company has made it a top priority to offer high quality products and a great customer experience that keeps customers coming back.

The company was recently named the best residential solar installer in the United States. The company has a wide different products and offers a comprehensive 25-year warranty on every product. This is a guarantee of the performance and reliability of our products.

main product

  • Solar Tafel
  • Solardach

Gosolar Group

Company type:manufacturers, suppliers

Headquarters:Canning Vale, Australia

Founding year: 


As the name suggests, the Gosolar Group aims to encourage us to use solar energy and eliminate fossil fuels. The company is the largest manufacturer of solar products in the western United States. The company serves the greater Western United States, including the Reno, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado and Utah areas.

The company has skilled and experienced staff and partners with leading brands to serve customers quality and affordable solar product. This company is a certified Powerwall installer and installed the same for giant tech company Tesla.

main product

  • Powerwall
  • Solar Tafel
  • Solardach

Solar Trinity

Company type:manufacturers, suppliers

Headquarters:New-Jersey, AS

Founding year:1994

Certification:A+ BBB accreditation

The company is the largest private solar energy company in the United States. With a broad market presence in 9 states and more than 26 years of experience, the company’s performance is outstanding. The company’s employees have a wide and specialized know-how that ensures that their products are the best.

The company offers a wide range of solar PV systems for home and industrial use. All of the company’s products are of high quality, which is evidenced by BBB accreditation. The company also has a program that allows it to collaborate with clients and contribute to charitable organizations

main product

  • Solar Tafel
  • storage product


The type of company: manufacturers, suppliers

Headquarters: Zhejiang, China

Years of experience: 30 years

Certification: _

After looking at the top solar companies, let’s also take a look at the PV component suppliers as they are just as important.Benny Electro is the bestcomponents of the solar systemproviders in the world. It has a wide range of products including instantaneous shutdown devices, EV chargers, AC parts, junction boxes, DC disconnect switches and many other products. The company is ISO certified and has over 30 years of experience, proof that it is the best in its field.


The rise of solar energy has stabilized. People are tired of the constant overload and grateful for the superior alternative of solar energy. Solar energy not only saves users a lot of money, but also friendly. This article is a guide to the top solar companies in the world that you can get reliable solar products from. Try us Here for more information about solar energy and how to make it.

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