Benefits of Solar Panels to Increase Company Value

Currently, the use of solar panels is widespread in many companies. Because the use of solar modules can definitely have a positive effect on the value of the company.

By using solar panels, industry can save on operating costs and play a role in efforts to protect the earth. Unfortunately, this is not yet generally known to the company. Then what are the actual benefits of solar panels?Value Company? Here is the information.

Benefits of using solar energy for businesses

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that is widely used by businesses around the world. The use of solar power has many advantages for companies. Here are some of the benefits of using solar energy for businesses:

  1. Reduction of operating costs

    The use of solar energy can reduce the running costs of the company, especially the costs of buying fuel or electricity. Because solar power is an unlimited source of energy and can be used free of charge. This allows the company to save on the ever-increasing cost of purchasing fuel or electricity.
  2. become more environmentally friendly

    Businesses that use solar energy can be more environmentally friendly because they minimize greenhouse gas emissions. When using solar energy, waste is also emitted that pollutes the environment less than when using fossil fuels. Thus, companies using solar energy can improve the company’s image as a company that cares about the environment.

    According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris, countries around the world must contribute to reducing global warming and keeping temperature increases below 2 degrees Celsius.

    Several companies in Indonesia have also implemented the agreement by using solar energy to improve enterprise value, which also has something to do with business expansion to the global market.
  3. Increase in the sales value of the company

    Companies that use solar energy can add value to a company’s branding as they are considered to be more modern and advanced in their use of energy resources.
    In addition, companies that care about the environment are also seen as more attractive by environmentally conscious consumers.

    Therefore, the use of solar energy is the right choice for companies that want to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, become more environmentally friendly and increase the sales value of the company.
  4. Facilitate international business expansion

    Companies using solar energy can increase their flexibility and adaptability to international business levels. Because environmentally friendly technology is an important point to expand overseas.
  5. Get the Green Building Certificate

    Your company will receive a certificate as a building with high efficiency in both the construction and operational phases. Several reviews indicate that companies that implement solar energy see greater benefit from promoting the energy efficiency used by the company.

    Companies that can have a certificategreen building namely companies that implement the gogreen concept and have successfully gone through a certification assessment processgreen buildingIn this rating, the benchmark used is the rating system created and compiled byGreen Building Council.

Specific influence of solar modules on company value

Benefits of Solar Panels

From the above benefits, we know that solar panels can add value to the business. Below are some of the specific impacts of solar panels on enterprise value.

  1. reduce electricity costs

    The use of solar panels can reduce traditional electricity costs that companies have to bear. Because solar modules can generate electricity free of charge from sunlight, which can be used for the operational needs of the company. By using solar panels, companies can save up to 50% of the electricity costs previously incurred.
  2. Improving the reputation of the company

    As we know, companies using solar panels are considered environmentally conscious and concerned about the future. This can improve the company’s reputation with the public and investors. With a good reputation, the company can gain the trust of customers and investors to strengthen the company’s position in the market.
  3. Reducing the risk

    Sources of energy that depend on external factors such as oil and gas prices can increase risks for companies. However, by using solar panels as an energy source, companies can reduce this risk because solar panels are not dependent on external factors and therefore there are no price fluctuations that can affect the company.

Added value from companies using solar panels

By using solar panels, there are several added values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the company will achieve. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Support corporate sustainability

    Using solar panels is one way companies can support their business sustainability. By using renewable energy sources, companies can meet their electricity needs without harming the environment. This can help companies meet society’s demands for a clean environment from pollution.
  2. reducing greenhouse gas emissions

    Solar panels are a renewable energy source that produces no greenhouse gas emissions during the production process. By using solar panels, companies can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make a positive contribution to the environment.
  3. Become a trend that customers follow

    It has become a trend among customers to choose companies that care about the environment and have sustainability principles. By using solar panels, companies can demonstrate their commitment to the environment and become more attractive to like-minded customers.
  4. Get involved in innovation

    The use of solar panels can also provide opportunities for companies to engage in technological innovations related to the development of solar panels or solar energy harvesting systems. This can represent an additional source of income for the company and increase the company’s competitiveness in the market.

    It should be noted that currently countries in the world are promoting sustainable economies in three main aspects vizEnvironment (Surroundings),social (social) andguide (corporate management).

    In the financial sector, investors now not only pay attention to the financial performance of a company, but also consider the 3 ESG aspects mentioned above. By using solar panels, your company shows its commitment to a sustainable economy and offers added value to the company.

    So there is no longer any reason not to use PLTS as a power source for your business. SUN Energy can be the best PLTS installation solution for you.

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