6 Most Common Home Solar Panel Problems And Their Solutions

Although considered very efficient as an everyday power generator, home solar panels actually have a number of potential problems that their owners need to be prepared for.You know. Have you experienced this as the owner of a solar system on the roof? Do you already know the solution to overcome these problems?

Don’t regret using solar panels at home. Here are 6 home solar panel problems and how to solve them that SolarKita has rounded up especially for you.

check fuses etcconverter

Every home solar panel installation is always equipped withconverterwhich converts direct current (DC) from solar panels to alternating current (AC). If your home’s solar panels are stable, the lightsconverteris displayed in green. That means there’s nothing wrong with it and nothing you need to fix.

On the other hand, if the lampconverteramber, red, or flashing, there is most likely a problem with your home’s solar panels. So always check the colorconverterthat shines. In addition, you need to carefully inspect the electrical switches that regulate the flow of electricity in your home.

The presence of disturbances such as overload can make the switching problematic and affect the charging of solar power to the grid.

Dirty solar panels

Even at home, solar panels can be problematic if there is dirt on the surface. This problem is quite simple, but it has a major impact on the performance of your home’s solar panels. Ranging from dust, leaves, dirt to bird droppings, it can reduce the efficiency of home solar panels in converting heat and sunlight into electricity.

Therefore, you need to clean it well and clean it regularly. You can spray your home’s solar panels with clean medium-pressure water two or three times a year. If there are areas of stubborn dirt, use a broom or other cleaning tool and gently push to remove.

System overheating

The next way to find out whether your home’s solar panels have a problem or not is to check the heat dissipation. If the outside temperature is too high, problems such as reduced performance occur with home solar modules. However, this is not necessarily an indication that the home’s solar panels are damaged. Most likely, your home’s solar panels are overheating and can only convert a small amount of electricity.

Broken solar panel

Home Solar Panel Problems

It is not impossible for solar panels to break. Normally, cracks or damage to solar panels occur due to several factors. This includes the weather and other factors emanating from the solar panels themselves, such as B. Overload during power generation or poor power systems in electrical circuits.

So how to overcome it? You can make an immediate replacement if your home’s cracked solar panels are visually seen. However, if you feel that the crack is on the microscopic internal parts, you need a qualified professional to confirm the damage and help you with the replacement.

There arepotential-induced degradation(PID)

Due to fluctuations or changes in the voltage across the solar panels, problems can arise with the electrical system of your solar panel at home. Voltage and leakage current are the two most common causes of voltage dropsExiton the solar panels of your home.

To overcome this, the role of experts is required so that things that endanger security do not happen. Therefore, to overcome this, you can call experts in their field or contact your solar panel supplier to stabilize the performance of your home’s solar panels.

Keep an eye on the solar panels at home

To overcome the above problems, you can overcome them by always monitoring your home’s solar panels as discussed above. If your home’s solar panels are having trouble, you can count on SolarKita to provide the best solar panel service.

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